The Nebraska Press Women’s $1,000 Memorial Scholarship is available for full-time graduate or upper-class undergraduate students. Graduate students must be enrolled for at least nine credit hours; undergraduate students for at least 12 hours.

To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must submit:

  • A completed Nebraska Press Women Scholarship Application Form, available below.
  • Three work samples, such as newspaper/magazine/web stories, photographs, audio or video clips; advertising copy or layouts or professional social media posts.
  • A personal letter that outlines your achievements and goals. This letter must be no longer than one single-spaced page and will be a major factor considered by the scholarship committee. Be sure to proofread!
  • A reference letter from an adviser or faculty member that attests to your overall GPA, as well as your GPA in your major field; it also should note why you should be selected for this scholarship. A second letter from someone of your choice is optional.

To apply for the scholarship, download the 2024 collegiate application form

Application deadline: midnight on April 19, 2024. Late applications will not be accepted. Submit all materials to:

About NPW collegiate scholarships

Prior to 2012, the Nebraska Press Women awarded a Memorial Scholarship and an Excellence in Media Scholarship. The two were combined in 2012 into the NPW Memorial Scholarship for women college students. Beginning in 2023, the scholarship is offered to students of any gender.

Past scholarship recipients are listed below.

2023 Scholarship Recipient

Marissa Kraus, a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is from Columbia, Missouri, where she found a passion for writing and photography at her high school newspaper. She’s had several internships and is passionate about sports writing. A competitive runner since fifth grade, she ran cross country for UNL for two years and still enjoys running and racing half-marathons.

Past Winners of the NPW Memorial Scholarship

2021-2022:  Kloee Sander, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2020-2021: Ana Bellinghausen, University of Nebraska-Omaha
2019-2020: Natalie Saenz, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2018-2019: Dannielle Anderson, Nebraska Wesleyan Univer­sity
2017-2018: Brittany Hamor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2016-17: Baylee Vrtiska, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2015-16: Emma Olson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2014-15: Mara Klecker, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2013-14: Chelsea Eaton, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2012-13: Emily Hemphill, Concordia University
2011-12: Hailey Konnath, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2010-11: Emily Nohr, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jamie Klein, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Skylar Osovski, Wayne State College
2006: Michelle Bishop, University of Nebraska-Omaha
2003: Jennifer Myers, Nebraska Wesleyan University
2001: Valeria R. Robert, University of Nebraska at Omaha
1999: Sarah Fox, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1997: Stacy Rande, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1996: Mary Woods, Chadron State College
1995: Melissa Dunne, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Past winners of the NPW Excellence in Media Scholarship include:
Elizabeth Lachnit, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2010-11: Bethany Trueblood, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Erin Starkebaum, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Sarah Thomsen, Wayne State College
2006: Linsey Marshall, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2003: Amanda Sauder, Union College
2001: Tiffany Schmitz, Wayne State College
1999: Kristi Mehlhoff, Chadron State College
1997: Jessica Kennedy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1996: Becky Lagler, Chadron State College
1995: Rainbow Rowell, University of Nebraska-Lincoln