Contact any of the following for further information:

President: Lori Potter
Vice president: Bette Pore
Secretary: Molly Klocksin
Treasurer: Barb Batie
Communicator of Achievement Award: Ruth Brown
Communications Contest: Mary Jane Skala
High School Contest: Sherry Thompson
Historian: Mary Pat Finn-Hoag
Membership: Lori Potter
Member Services: Barb Micek
Newsletter: Stephanie Geery-Zink
Parliamentarian: Judy Nelson
Publicity – News Releases: Glennis Nagel
Publicity – Social Media and Website: Stephanie Geery-Zink
Professional Development – Conferences: Jill Claflin
Professional Development – Legislative/First Amendment: Mary Kay Quinlan
Scholarships: Mary Kay Quinlan
Past President: Sherry Thompson

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