National Federation of Press Women

Nebraska Press Women, Inc., is an affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW), a nationwide organization of professional women and men pursuing careers across the communications spectrum. NFPW offers professional development through an annual national convention, cost-effective libel insurance, a job bank, peer competition, a grassroots First Amendment e-mail alert system, a quarterly newsletter, networking, member services, national advocacy on issues significant to members and more. Interestingly, NFPW was founded in 1937, and NPW was organized just nine years later – in 1946. For more information on NFPW, please check the Web site at

National Federation of Press Women Code of Ethics

As a professional communicator, I recognize my responsibility to the public, which has placed its trust and confidence in my work and will endeavor to do nothing to abuse this obligation.

With truth as my ultimate goal, I will adhere to the highest standards of professional communications, never consciously misleading reader, viewer or listener; and will avoid any compromise of my objectivity and fairness.

Because I believe that professional communicators must be obligated only to the people’s right to know, I affirm that freedom of the press is to be guarded as an inalienable right of the citizens of a free society.

I pledge to use this freedom wisely and to uphold the right of communicators to express unpopular opinions as well as the right to agree with the majority.

Use of organization’s names and logos

The names of NFPW, National Federation of Press Women and the logos of the organization are the property of National Federation of Press Women, Inc. Commercial use of the names and logos are restricted to members and NFPW affiliates within the policies of the organization. Inquiries about other uses of the intellectual property of the organization should be directed to the NFPW administrative office. For info about the use of trademarks, service names or other intellectual property of NFPW’s affiliate organizations, contact those organizations through here.