Twelve Nebraska high school students won first place awards in the 2014 High School Communications Contest sponsored by Nebraska Press Women.

Students winning first place in each of the 20 categories, including both school newspaper and yearbook work, qualified to have their entries submitted to the National Federation of Press Women contest. Those awards will be announced at the NFPW 2014 convention in September in Greenville, S.C.

In the NPW contest, an Omaha Westside High School student won first in two categories, an Omaha Central High School student won one first place award, two Fremont High School students each won a first place award, three Grand Island Senior High students won first place in six categories and five Bellevue West High School students placed first in eight categories.

Following are the results of the competition:

Fremont High School — Aaron Hegarty, first in sports story and second in news story; Suzy Graff, first in cartooning.

Omaha Central High School — Emily Beck, third in single-page layout; Alex Everitt, first in yearbook layout; Jordan Young, third in feature story.

Omaha Westside High School — Emma Johanningsmeier, first in editorial, first in feature story and third in opinion.

Bellevue West High School — Katherine Begley, third in yearbook copywriting; Em Brandon, third in yearbook layout; Rachel Colwell, first in video feature story; Madeline Hall, third in video feature story; Grant Harrison, first in news story and first in columns; Bekah Hayes, honorable mention in sports story; Morgan Keith, first in video news story; Sidney Marks, second in video feature story and third in video news story; Michael Navratil, second in video news story, third in graphics/photo illustration and honorable mention in video feature story; Julia Palomino, second in opinion; Tessa Perez, second in video sports story; Stephanie Purcell, honorable mention in yearbook layout and honorable mention in yearbook photo; Ashley Quintela, third in news story; Emily Romero, first in double-truck layout; Hailey Stolze, first in opinion, first in video sports story and first in graphics/photo illustration; Mike Sullivan, second in review; Sophia Vanfossen, second in double-truck layout, honorable mention in review and honorable mention in yearbook photo; Nick Wilkinson, second in editorial, second in cartooning, third in sports story and honorable mention in feature story; and Jason Wisenbaker, second in columns.

Grand Island Senior High School — Tanapon Chuariaykul, honorable mention in sports photo; Haley Friesen, third in columns; Abbey Hansen, second in yearbook copywriting; Cindi Izaguirre-Perez, third in review; Carlye Kush, second in single-page layout and honorable mention in columns; Abbey Kutlas, first in feature photo, first in sports photo, first in review, first in single-page layout, second in feature story, third in editorial, third in double-truck layout and honorable mention in news story; Santos Llamas, first in yearbook photo; Jesus Maese, second in graphics/photo illustration and third in cartooning; Hailey Morgan, first in yearbook copywriting, second in yearbook layout and third in yearbook photo; Jake Morrow, second in feature photo; Luz Rodriguez, second in yearbook photo; Ever Rosales, second in sports story; and Megan Thompson, honorable mention in yearbook photo.