“Fake news.” It’s a phrase heard often now. But what does it really mean? And why should you care?

Members of Nebraska Press Women, a group dedicated to accuracy and fairness, think “fake news” should be called what it is: lies. And they hope readers, listeners and viewers will educate themselves to recognize “fake news” from real, and will help spread the word about the perils of “falling for fake.”

NPW shares the following slide show to help explain the dangers, and how to avoid getting fooled by information that is inaccurate and meant to deceive.

If you are interested in having this presentation made to a group in your area, Nebraska Press Women will try to make that happen. Email your request to nebraska.press.women@gmail.com.

If you would like to give the Fake News Presentation to your organization or a group in your community, please email NPW and we can provide you with the slide show that includes notes for the presentation. Please include your name and where you will make the presentation in an email request to nebraska.press.women@gmail.com.

To view the presentation, download the PDF file for NPW Fake News Presentation.