Marian High School students won the Sweepstakes Award in the 2021 NPW High School Communications Contest. Students display their individual awards.

Marian High School in Omaha has earned the Sweepstakes Award in the Nebraska Press Women (NPW) High School Communications Contest, Sherry Thompson, NPW High School Contest director, announced this week.

The annual competition included 218 entries by students from 15 Nebraska high schools. The contest, which is open to high school students across the state, includes categories in the areas of writing, visual, broadcast or video, and yearbook. 

Entries were judged by communications professionals, with constructive feedback provided on each entry, Thompson said. 

“Nebraska Press Women are excited to be able to recognize student journalists’ works during what is an unusual and undoubtedly challenging year for them,” Thompson said, adding that the large number of entries made the competition especially strong. Several categories had more than 20 entries. 

First place award-winning entries have advanced on to the National Federation of Press Women competition. National award winners will be announced during an online high school awards celebration on May 22.

Schools with award-winning entries, listed alphabetically by community, include: Bellevue – Bellevue West; Columbus – Columbus High School; Dorchester – Dorchester High School; Fremont – Fremont High School; Grand Island – Grand Island Central Catholic; Gretna – Gretna High School;  Hastings – Adams Central Junior/Senior High School; Lincoln – Pius X High School; Omaha – Central High School, Marian High School, Millard North High School, Millard South High School and Westside High School; Pawnee City – Pawnee City Secondary School; and Plattsmouth – Plattsmouth High School.

Award winners by category are:

Best Newscast – first place, Jack Macfadyen, Myah Walker, Sree Kolli, Laila Qureishi and Sean Saxby, Millard North High School.

Cartooning – first place, Pangaea Kaan, Marian (Omaha) High School; second place, Keely King, Millard South High School; third place, K.J Ellison and Keely King, Millard South High School.

Columns or Blogs – first place, Koby Bales and Angela Messere, Grand Island Central Catholic; second place, Payton Gangwish, Grand Island Central Catholic; third place, Kaileigh Delano, Julia Davidchik and Alondra Castillo, Columbus High School; honorable mention, Jessica Reiff and Mason Dahlke, Columbus High School.

Double-Truck Layout – first place, Isa Luzarraga, Millard North High School; second place, Naomi Delkamiller, Marian (Omaha) High School; and third place, Natalie Gill, Westside (Omaha) High School.

Editorial – first place, Madison Genoways, Marian (Omaha) High School; second place, Isa Luzarraga, Millard North High School; third place, Joseph Kaipust, Millard South High School; and honorable mentions, Kaleigh Zollman, Gretna High School, and Lane Howard, Millard South High School.

Environment – first place, Emily Salzman, Marian (Omaha) High School.

Feature Story – first place, Daisy Friedman, Central (Omaha) High School; second place, Madison Genoways, Marian (Omaha) High School; third place, K.J Ellison, Millard South High School; honorable mentions, Joseph Kaipust, Millard South High School; Sophia Allen, Gretna High School; Owen Reimer, Bellevue West High School; and Meg Gross, Bellevue West High School.

Graphics/Photo Illustration – first place, Dante Boelhower, Adams Central (Hastings) Jr/Sr High School; second place, David Berger, Bellevue West High School; third place, Dante Boelhower, Adams Central (Hastings) Jr/Sr High School; honorable mention, Kyto Warner, Adams Central (Hastings) Jr/Sr High School.

News or Feature Photo – first place, Audrey Persaud, Westside (Omaha) High School, and second place, Mary Cate Tabor,  Marian (Omaha) High School.      

News Story – first place, Natalie Fedde, Millard South High School; second place, Alexis Ketcham, Marian (Omaha) HighSchool; third place, Kaleigh Zollman, Gretna High School; and honorable mentions, Courtney Thompson, Marian (Omaha) High School; Delany Jepsen, Gretna High School; Samantha Chase, Gretna High School; Kaleigh Renner, Gretna High School; Kaleigh Zollman, Gretna High School; Lane Howard, Millard South High School; Gnally Boukar, Bellevue West High School; Rylee Gregg, Marian (Omaha) High School; Olivia Torrez, Millard North High School; Charlotte Murphy, Westside (Omaha) High School; Ziyal McArthur, Pius X (Lincoln) High School; and Isa Luzarraga, Millard North High School.

Opinion – first place, Savannah Andrews, Gretna High School; second place, Meg Gross, Bellevue West High School; third place, Natalie Cusick, Marian (Omaha) High School; and honorable mentions, Owen Reimer, Bellevue West High School; Anna Dailey, Marian (Omaha) High School; and Isa Luzarraga, Millard North High School. 

Radio Prepared Report – first place, Will Eikenbary, Westside (Omaha) High School; second place, Naomi Delkamiller, Marian (Omaha) High School; and third place, Will Eikenbary, Ramya Iyer and Virginia Jansen, Westside (Omaha) High School.

Review – first place, Sam Tews, Millard South High School; second place, Sophia Allen, Gretna High School; third place, Kaleigh Zollman, Gretna High School; and honorable mentions, Ellie Woodard, Bellevue West High School, and Molly Monahan, Marian (Omaha) High School.

Single-Page Layout – first place, Grace Virgillito, Marian (Omaha) High School; second place, Lauryn Scott,  Adams Central (Hastings) Jr/Sr High School; third place, Hayden Price, Grand Island Central Catholic; and honorable mention, Ziyal McArthur, Pius X (Lincoln) High School.

Sports Photo – first place, Zoe Gillespie, Westside (Omaha) High School; second place, Audrey Persaud, Westside (Omaha) High School; and third place, Meg Gross, Bellevue West High School.                         

Sports Story – first place, Sydney Mejia, Millard South High School; second place, Kristin Kennedy, Bellevue West High School; third place, Libby Wurdeman, Columbus High School; and honorable mention, Ally Seevers, Millard South High School.

Video Feature Story – first place, Erin Mosier, Westside (Omaha) High School; second place, Elissa Treu, Bellevue West High School; third place, Erin Mosier, Westside (Omaha) High School; and honorable mention, Jessica Reiff, Mason Dahlke and Benit Kutalu, Columbus High School.

Video News Story – first place, Jack Macfadyen and Myah Walker, Millard North High School; second place, Erin Mosier, Westside (Omaha) High School; third place, David Church and  Haley Geringer, Millard South High School; and honorable mentions, Vladimir Handlos, Bellevue West High School, and Isaiah Moser, Columbus High School.

Video Sports Story – first place, Jack Macfadyen and Arnav Pokhrel, Millard North High School; and honorable mention, Libby Wurdeman, Columbus High School.

Yearbook Copywriting – first place, Breanna Muff, Dorchester Public School; second place, Sydney Hurst, Fremont High School; third place, Danni McKnight, Dorchester Public School; and honorable mentions, Reyana Tegtmeier, Pawnee City Public School; Kaitlyn Kelly, Millard North High School; and Payton Gangwish, Grand Island Central Catholic.

Yearbook Layout – first place, Elliot Block, Plattsmouth High School; second place, Nataliya Roby, Plattsmouth High School; and third place, Kajetan Hubl, Grand Island Central Catholic. Honorable mentions include: McKinnley Warner, Plattsmouth High School; Grace VanDenburgh, Plattsmouth High School; Aleea Stanford, Plattsmouth High School; Josie Knust and Emma Field, Plattsmouth High School; Reyana Tegtmeier, Pawnee City Public School; Grace Pechacek, Bellevue West High School; Aleea Stanford, Plattsmouth High School; Kassidy Fisk and Elliot Block, Plattsmouth High School; and Ayonya Birthi, Grand Island Central Catholic.

Yearbook Photo – first place, Katie Fulkerson, Millard North High School; second place, Jeffrey Zimmerly, Millard North High School; third place, Danni McKnight, Dorchester Public School; and honorable mentions, Josie Knust, Plattsmouth High School; Jacob Cerny, Dorchester Public School; Alli Novak, Dorchester Public School; Tyler Sysel, Dorchester Public School; and David Berger, Bellevue West High School.